Question 17: What is the ICC number for FMI Products wood burning fireplaces? DBA can convert a wood burning fireplace into a 100% efficient gas vent-free fireplace. Specialties: Annual maintenance, such as cleaning and valve checks, prolong the life and efficiency of your gas fireplace. Press in and hold control knob. (3) If the ceramic ignitor is cracked, it must be replaced. Question 20: Can I use glass doors on my wood burning fireplace? Some parts are model specific. Contact your nearest dealer to determine if your model can be converted. What is the scope of the project? Question 3: If you have questions about how direct vent fireplaces vents. 4.9 out of 5 stars 40. If you have purchased an appliance with the incorrect gas type or if you have received different type of fuel to your home, a conversion kit may be available. Clean the burners in response to roaring sounds. Question 19: Which wood burning fireplaces is approved for outdoor use? Now while it is true that the amount of property damage, injuries, and deaths have dropped considerably since the early 1980s, there is still tremendous damage that has been wrought by fire. Call 248-8322 for details! Abundance of Soot If no fuel is detected at the pilot there is a blockage. Gas Burner Doesn’t Light in Fireplace. Try these suggested fixes to get your gas fireplace working normally again. The vent can be run horizontally through an outside wall or vertically through the roof. Sometimes, the pilot light is lit and the gas is turned on yet the gas burner fails to light up. Answer: Check your gas supply shut off valve to make sure the valve is turned on. View and Download FMI GL36St owner's operation and installation manual online. Also for: Gl36stp, Gl36ste, Gl36step, Vgl36st, Vgl36ste, Vgl36stp, Vgl36step. Gas Fireplace Replacement parts for all major brands of Gas fireplaces. Question 5: If you wish to install a direct vent appliance in a bedroom or any other room. We'd be happy to help you find the replacement part(s) you need. Low gas pressure can also hinder the activity of the spark ignitor. 39,000 BTUs, 1000 sq.ft. If we find any faulty components while examining your fireplace, we can also provide an effective repair or replacement solution. Call your supplier to find out about low gas pressure in the supply. Odd Sounds. All Parts in stock and ready to ship. Wednesday Dec … Question 6: If your call concerns gas type conversion for Vented Gas Appliances. Question 21: Can the wood burning fireplace be vented horizontal? GL36St indoor fireplace pdf manual download. Discontinued. We recommend having your fireplace and chimney inspected and serviced by a certified professional each year before the first chilly night of the season tempts you to use it. Cleaning may be necessary. Question 4: If your question concerns cleaning your gas appliance. A vent-free gas log set can heat up to 1000 square feet. Question 13: If your question concerns venting configurations for vented fireplaces. Check your local codes to ensure there are no local restrictions. DO NOT ORDER. Please call us at 540-338-0075 if you do not see your manufacturer. My Gas Fireplace Won’t Light. Gas logs and fireplace systems will have a sticker affixed or metal/vinyl cards with lighting instructions attached in the bottom compartment. The vaporization rate of the fuel in smaller sized tanks can not keep up with the fuel requirements for the appliance. Repair or replace the blower, if your fireplace has one, to get rid of grinding or shrieking. Adding a blower is easily accomplished if 110 volt AC was provided to the electrical junction box of the fireplace, or a 110 volt AC outlet is installed near the fireplace or wall mount system at the time of initial installation.

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